New worship time

Since February 2018, our services take place from 10am to 11.30am every Sunday.


We are a church called Hofgemeinde Leipzig and are a free evangelical church in Eutritzsch, one of the northern quarters of Leipzig. Most contents of this webpage are available only in German.

Flyer: Christmas service [GER]

We warmly invite to our December 24th

Service with Nativity play
"hotel starlight"

The Christmas crime mystery with a covered police operation and unintentional confusion brings up a dark truth about Christmas...

With Christmas songs and a short input.
Beginning: 4pm
Duration: about 75min

Every Thursday from 9.30am to 12pm and 3pm to 6pm: Visit our small flea market store in Schiebestraße Leipzig. More informations at

"livable" - that's the name of the aid project behind the work in our flea market store called "lovable". Find out more about the initiators of the project, what we do, why we do it and how you can help.

Get more informations at

Upcoming events

  • 23.09.2018 10:00 Uhr
    Gottesdienst mit Abendmahl
  • 30.09.2018 10:00 Uhr
    Gottesdienst mit Abendmahl
  • 02.10.2018 15:00 Uhr
    Begegnungscafé für jedermann
  • 06.11.2018 15:00 Uhr
    Begegnungscafé für jedermann
  • 04.12.2018 15:00 Uhr


How to reach us:

Hofgemeinde Leipzig
Schiebestraße 32
04129 Leipzig

phone: +49-341 - 9096542
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